Proper Pedal Stroke - Epic Triathlon Podcast

In this episode of the Epic Triathlon Podcast we discuss the proper pedaling technique. Now, contrary to what is often boasted as correct technique, the upstroke shouldn’t be a power generating part of your pedal stroke. Attempting to do so could, and likely will lead to injuries in the knees, hips, and lower back.

The main force of the pedal stroke comes from pushing down at the front using the quadriceps and gluteus muscles. Smooth out the pedal stroke by pulling back along the bottom of the stroke using the hamstring.

When your foot is at the back of the stroke, take it easy. Your hamstring is in a contracted position and is unable to generate adequate force.

Isn’t it good to generate as much force as possible in as many different ways as possible? NO! In fact, focusing on pulling up on the pedals negatively affects your ability to push down.

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Coach Pat