How to Select Races - Epic Triathlon Podcast

Hi everyone,

In today's episode I explain how to select races for your season. Basically, you want to choose one "A" race per season. So, only once per summer will you try to have your top performance. You may however, choose some "B" races where you still want to be competitive, but these are also preparatory races for your main "A" race. You can have a couple or a few "C" races. These are really for training purposes. Beginners can even use "C" races to practice things like open water swimming and transitions.

I'll keep publishing episodes every week!

In this week's book club, I recommend "Simon Says Gold", a biography about Simon Whitfield, who won the first every Olympic triathlon event in 2000. Remember, it is an Olympic year, with the Summer Olympics coming up in August 2016.

The episode ends with "Ocean Liner" by "The Riktah".

Happy training!